10 Great Uses of Silica Gel

Have you ever bought a bag or a pair of shoes to find a few random sachets floating around? You may mistake them for rubbish, but they serve a way more important purpose than that. Silica gel is a desiccant which means it’s a drying agent, ideal for preventing moisture and even worse-mould.

When products are lying around a warehouse for some time it’s almost impossible for moisture not to build up. This is why Silica Gel in Belfast is rising so much in popularity- it’s simply a must have when it comes to packaging your products. 

While Silica Gel is great for packaging items and ensuring they stay dry in transit, there are so many other functional uses of it you’ll be amazed with.

So many everyday problems can be solved with a few silica gel sachets and below you’ll find a list of t 10 Great uses of Silica Gel. 

Stops Jewellery from Tarnishing

Have you ever taken off your Jewellery going into a shower and left it on the window sill for way longer than you should only to find it looking rusty? That’s exactly what moisture does to your precious pieces of jewellery and it’s something easily preventable with silica gel. Firstly, you’ll need to keep your valuable necklaces and rings in a beauty box and then just pop a few packets of silica gel inside and you can rest assured all is protected. 

Storing Important Documents

There are some Documents that we just can’t afford to lose or damage and we’re all guilty of storing out important documents in old folders somewhere in the attic or in one of the presses somewhere in the living room. Moisture can still get into your documents if they’re in a folder and the best way to completely protect them is to seal them off in a sandwich bag and pop a few silica gel packets inside. 

Stops Condensation on Car Windows

This is probably the smartest invention when it comes to silica gel. Everyone hates when their windows start condensating, especially when you step into your car after a long day to find your windows filled with moisture. A simple solution is keeping a few silica gel sachets near your windscreen and vuala-problem solved. 

Preserves Flowers 

Buying someone flowers is a lovely gesture and we can all agree that a lot of thought goes into the placement of flowers to make them look their best. This would go completely wasted if the flowers didn’t make it to their receiver looking as beautiful as they can. When flowers are delivered, they need to be protected from moisture and often you’ll see sachets of silica gel at the bottom of the flower box. 

Dry Pet Food Storage 

If you’re a big dog lover, you’ll definitely benefit from using silica gel packets to keep all that dry dog food nice and fresh by preventing moisture. If you like to stock up on large bags of dry food (and it’s definitely the best value option) then this silica gel idea is just for you.

Dry out your Phone 

You’ve definitely heard of ‘throw it in rice!’ but have you heard ‘use silica gel sachets!’?. We all know how much of a nightmare dropping your phone in water is and there is nothing worse than using a screen that has a mind of its own. If you have these silica gel sachets lying around, grab all of them you can find and simply throw them into a plastic sealed container along with your phone. You can use any sealable bag either!-The silica gel will wipe out any moisture present. 


Moisture can damage any tablets so keeping a silica gel in your bag near paracetamols or inside a drawer where your vitamins are is a great idea.

Keep Makeup Bag Dry 

Most girls are guilty of having that one big makeup bag with absolutely everything inside, and probably a few spillages. Keeping a silica gel sachet inside will keep it a lot cleaner and drier.

Keep Razors Rust-Free 

A quick solution to rust-free razors is keeping a packet of silica gel lying around! It’s so simple and it will make trips to the pharmacy for new blades way less frequent.

Keep a Fresh Gym Bag

Gym bags really get the worst of it. From sweaty socks to used towels and shoes, they can get quite smelly. An easy solution to this is throwing in a few sachets of silica gels and they will get rid of any moisture and smells! Problem solved. (And it saves either hand washing or trying to squeeze a giant bag inside a washing machine) 

As you can see, the little sachet is a lot more useful than it may appear at first glance. Whether you’re starting up a new business that deals with packing goods, or you’re a lover of life hacks, you can stock up on great value silica gel in Belfast. 

If you’d like to try out the many uses of desiccants like silica gel you can talk to Nupack packaging about this today. 

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