A Guide to Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap in Northern Ireland has long been the most popular choice when it comes to wrapping products due to its great protection against shocks, vibrations and bumps so we bring you a guide ot bubble wrap. It’s not only useful but also a cheaper alternative to heavier and pricier packaging choices. Using trapped air bubbles, it’s no wonder pallet packaging is the lightest and cheapest option. 

You may not spend your business planning thinking about bubble wrap, but the importance of it is underestimated. If your business offers goods, you’ll want to make sure they arrive to you customers in perfect condition-failing to do so can quickly cause you a bad reputation.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone ordering a lovely glass wedding anniversary frame online as a surprise for her husband, only for the company to fail in correct packaging-and the product arriving smashed. 

Firstly, you’ll be disappointing someone and causing them stress they didn’t sign up for, but the second thing that is bound to happen is a bad google polarr filters review. (If you’ve been sending things packaged wrong before that could be a few bad reviews – which are detrimental to a business). 

Therefore-attention to detail counts. And attention to packaging is definitely one to consider!

Below you’ll find some common questions about bubble-wrap so you can get started with packaging and make sure your valuables are well protected.

How to use Bubble Wrap?

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure you have a nice and clean flat surface. If you’re using boxes to make your shipments, place the bubble-wrap inside with the bubble side facing up-so your product can lay on top. 

Place your item inside and add more bubble-wrap-Don’t be afraid to layer it up! (Especially if you’re dealing with very fragile items).

If you’re wrapping a few fragile items, make sure to wrap them individually so they’re not hitting off each other which could cause damage. 

You need to also remember that for bubble-wrap to be useful, the box needs to be the right size to stop the items from jumping around during delivery. 

It’s best to make the entire packaging as tight as possible to prevent any extra movements. 

Which size bubbles should I use?

You’d be surprised how much of an importance the etime track lite license key correct size of air bubbles has on protecting your items.

  • For medium weight items it’s recommended to use bubbles around 3/16 and ½ inches. 
  • For extremely fragile items it’s best to use 5/16 and ½ inch bubbles. 

Which side of Bubble Wrap should be Facing the Item?

The side of the bubbles should always be facing your items so that it can fully protect them using air bubbles that create a cushioning effect. 

Where do I get my Bubble Wrap?

Now that you know all the ins and outs of how to use bubble wrap, you’ll want to find a great deal where you can stock up and save some money while you’re at it. Buying in bulk is a smart way to go and the best place you can find large rolls of bubble wrap in Northern Ireland is at Nupack Packaging. 

Offering not only bubble wrap but various types of packaging, you’ll definitely find something useful for your business delivery needs. 

Ordering a large roll of bubble wrap will save you not only money but also the hassle of having to remember to stock up again in a short time. Buying enough to last a few months will let you put your everyday business running priorities first. 

You can order your roll of bubble wrap here. 

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