How Desiccant Gels Protect Your Cargo

We are a desiccant gel supplier in Northern Ireland, get in touch with any questions, but below is an overview of what you can expect when transporting goods without desiccant gel.

If your business deals with the transporting of goods, you’ll want to know all about the effects moisture can have on your products. This will put you in a better license key yac gratis position to take the right measures like using Desiccant gel to make sure you’re avoiding moisture damage at all costs. 

Superdry Desiccant Gel NI wide is becoming increasingly popular, with an absorption power of 200% its weight in moisture by changing water into a gel substance, making leaks impossible. 

Using this inside a Cargo Container will make sure there is no spillage inside and everything is in perfect condition when reached the destination. 

Humidity During the Day and Night

There are different cycles of humidity that happen during the day which fluctuates the level of moisture your goods can be exposed to. Temperatures change all the time, causing different things to happen. 

Damaging packaging

Humidity can have a serious effect on your products if you leave them inside for too long, and if you’re using cargo containers, it’s definitely a long enough journey to cause damage, often referred to as ‘container rain’.


We all know how horrible finding mould anywhere is. While most cargo containers are probably on the way to a warehouse rather than straight to a customer, nobody wants to deal with mould. 

Remember also that someone could simply not notice this, and there is a chance a mouldy product will arrive in a person’s plotagraph pro full download post box. If that’s the case, you can say goodbye to your business’s reputation as this one is going straight into Google Reviews where it will linger, causing you to lose money.


Another form of ugly fungus you don’t want to come across, which travels in the air in small pores and lands on damp environments. If you don’t have anything controlling moisture, mildew is likely to form inside the cargo container. 


This is a gradual destruction of materials that will probably eat into the cargo itself, and could make its way into your products. It’s a chemical reaction you want to avoid at all costs and is easily prevented by stopping moisture dripping on cargo-using desiccant gels. 

Product and Packaging Releasing Moisture

Another expression for this is cargo sweat, and it’s when the products themselves start releasing moisture which is a common thing to happen, if there is no moisture protection.

Superdry Desiccants Protecting Contents

To get a little bit more technical, Superdry uses an active ingredient Calcium Chloride (CaC12) and Amylopectin Polymer which are completely safe to use even when dealing with food items. 

Acting as a buffer, prevents any condentation from happening by sucking Software in all the moisture around. You can think of this as a sponge soaking up all the moisture, and changing it from water to gel while it’s doing so. 

With so many sizes available and an easy installation process inside the container, you’ll be able to get any moisture under control in the simplest way possible. 

As you can see, things can turn very quickly from great to an ugly mouldy situation and you want to do everything to prevent this from happening. 

There’s little point in investing in valuable items to sell for profit only for them all to be thrown in the bin. 

If you need your products protected from moisture you can contact us here at Nupack packaging to talk to us about our Superdry Desiccant. 

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