Adhesive Tapes

Seal it tightly every time with the right packaging tape.




Our range of top quality packaging tapes are tough, durable and reliable.

Tapes come in various widths and microns, you can even get low noise tape.

Custom Printed tapes available to your specifications, we can print in a range of colours to suit your company and can also produce custom printed tape in various materials.


Expert Tape


expertape1Clear/Buff 48mm x 150m


Colour: Clear or Buff hotmelt tape

Details: Longer length roll which means less downtime and fewer roll changes for user

Width: 48mm
Length: 150m

Tesa Tape

tesaClear/Buff 48mm x 66m


Colour: Clear or Buff hotmelt tape

Details: Right amount of holding power for the desired application, followed by easy removal when the job is done

Width: 48mm
Length: 66m

Fragile Tape

fragile-parcel-tape-50mm-x-66m48mm x 66m


Colour: Fragile Printed tape

Details: Low noise, strong & durable

Width: 48mm
Length: 66m

Machine Tape 


Colour: Clear polypropylene hotmelt tape

Details: Continuous taping for efficient sealing every time, for use with carton sealing machines using a 75mm core

Width: 48mm
Length: 990m

Printed Tapes 


Colour: Printed tapes available as per your design

Details: Printed to own design with up to 3 colours

Width: 48mm
Length: 66m

Cross Weave Tape

Colour: Natural

Details: Reinforced adhesive tape

Width: 24mm or 48mm
Length: 50m

Tape Dispensers available