Pallet Wrap

Here at Nupack Packaging supplies, we stock a wide range of pallet wrap products to the Northern Irish market.


Pallet Wrap NI Stockists 

Our pallet wrap also provides excellent stretch ability and tear resistance, making it ideal for wrapping large or bulky items. It can also be used to secure and protect items while they are stored on pallets, ensuring items remain secure and safe during storage and transportation.

With a range of sizes and thicknesses available, our pallet wrap is sure to meet your packaging needs.

How to wrap a pallet correctly

The danger of damage during transit or storage will be significantly reduced by knowing how to wrap a pallet properly. Simply adhere to the following advice to make sure your pallet is properly wrapped:

Either a pallet wrapping machine or manual wrapping can be used to properly wrap a pallet. The procedure will be automated by a pallet wrapping machine, producing a flawlessly wrapped pallet in a matter of seconds. Hand-doing it is a labor-intensive procedure better suited to smaller operations.