Shrink Polythene

Within the family of Shrink Polythene, there are 3 main categories:

  • Collation Shrink Film
  • Shrink Pallet Hoods/Covers
  • Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap

We have invested heavily over the years in order to extend our comprehensive range of shrink Polythene products.

We can adjust properties such as stiffness, strength, slip and static levels in order to provide a bespoke solution to maximise your output and minimise your packaging costs.

Structure: Monolayer & Co-Extruded


  • TristarTM
  • BiostarTM
  • Degradable

Size: 150mm to 8000mm Wide

Thickness: 20mu to 300mu


  • Reeled on cardboard or plastic core
  • Roll weights from 6kg-600kg

If you need a more technical product, we can incorporate the following treatments or additives within our films…

  • VCI/Anti-Dust
  • UV Inhibiters
  • Flame Retardant
  • EVA for freezer applications
  • Corona Treatment
  • Anti-Static
  • Micro/Macro Perforated
  • Anti-Fog
  • Degradable
  • Low Slip
  • Microbial

And many more.

Collation Shrink Films

For a cost effective, highly efficient and incredibly versatile means of protecting products in storage and transit, Collation Shrink Film is the ideal solution.

Use of the latest extrusion technologies allow us to provide an unrivalled choice of plain and printed collation shrink products.

Through research and development, our ranges are constantly evolving to offer lighter, stronger and clearer shrink films to satisfy the ever changing needs of this demanding market.

The main features of our Collation Shrink Film are:

  • Shrink Forces
    Our collation shrink film contracts with exceptional force as it cools giving rise to excellent pack tightness and stability.
  • Tear Resistance
    With superior tear resistance, our collation shrink film gives excellent pack handling qualities.
  • Puncture Resistance
    Our film displays superior tensile properties which gives it high puncture resistance when handled.
  • Stiffness
    Our collation shrink film retains sufficient stiffness to ensure it cuts, feeds and wraps without interruption when used on high speed machinery.

The combination of the features above, not only leads to a collation shrink film with superior mechanical properties, but also assists in the removal of board support allowing for tray-less formats.

All goods can be produced to your exact specification or alternatively manufactured in one of our Exclusive materials which will give you the same strength and performance while reducing both your cost and carbon footprint.