Toprax – Longspan Bay Shelving c/w TC Bin Kits

  • Fully adjustable bolt free pre-kitted system
  • TC container colour options in blue, red, green or yellow
  • (Other options available, please contact our Sales Department)
  • Overall bay size H1500 x W1812 x D328 mm / Double bay D625mm
  • Shelf size W1740 x D290 mm

TC container sizes: (L x W x H)

TC4: 350 x 205 x 132mm
TC5: 350 x 205 x 182mm
TC6: 375 x 420 x 182mm

Max capacity per pair of beam levels: 450kg each (UDL)

Bins are supplied with ID Labels

Floor fixing is required where shelving bays exceed a height to depth ratio of 4:1