Horticulture and Agriculture

We supply a complete range of specialised films for farmers and growers.

When it comes to getting the most out of your crop, we can offer an ideal film solution from our large range of Agricultural and Horticultural Polythene Sheeting.

Green House Films

Greenhouse films for lining and cladding purposes give the following benefits:

  • Protection of crops from harmful impact of UV rays
  • Reduce heat leakage during winter helping to create a consistent climate and hence increase energy efficiency.
  • Resist fogging due to condensation of internal moisture which can be detrimental to crops.

Green house films for floor covering give the following benefits:

  • Maximise the light entering due to their highly reflective white properties
  • Effective weed suppression as light cannot penetrate its dense nature.
  • Assist with debris removal at the end of harvest.

Mulch Films

Used since the 1950’s as a cost effective cover for enhancing crop growth, polythene Mulch Film is regarded indispensable by growers worldwide.

Depending on the objective, using Mulch Film has a number of advantages leading to strong healthy plants.

Mulch Films for crops give the following benefits:

  • Reduces crop damage by keeping the product clean and dry
  • Locks in moisture and reduces evaporation
  • Transparent mulch film encourages early plant growth and early cropping
  • Black mulch films keep soil warm through heat retention and controls weed growth by blocking out sunlight.