Shrink Pallet Hoods

Shrink Pallet Covers offer excellent load holding capabilities for those wishing to secure and protect pallet contents in storage and transport.

Their ‘all-season’ nature, enables customers to free up space by utilising external facilities.

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of this growing market sector, our shrink range is available in multiple formats.

Key features include:

  • Gusseted or centre-folded hoods perforated on a roll for ease of handling and improved storage.
  • Availability of additives such as UVI, VCI and Anti-Fusion for specialist applications.
  • Option for hoods to be perforated with punch holes or micro-perforations to create a breathable package by allowing moisture to escape.

As well as being 100% recyclable, our Shrink Pallet Covers can be printed in multiple colours and are used in a wide range of market sectors including brick and roof tile, chemical, engineering and glass bottle industries.